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Divine Sanación

Divine Cleansing Bar

Divine Cleansing Bar

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Indulge in the luxurious lather of our Divine Cleansing Bar, handcrafted with care to cleanse and purify your skin while nourishing it with natural ingredients, now available in two powerful options - Calendula Infused or Turmeric Infused. The Calendula Infused option contains the healing power of calendula, ideal for those with sensitive or troubled skin, while the Turmeric Infused option brightens and evens out your skin tone, making it perfect for those with acne-prone or aging skin. Each bar is infused with a blend of essential oils and fragrances, carefully chosen to create a sensory experience that transports you to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our soap is made from high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience every time you use our Divine Cleansing Bar, and feel the difference in your skin. 

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